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Back to the roots
Obrazek My bike road began in ’96 and first steps with mountain biking I have been making on cross-country races. Nice time, nice memories. And now, after 16 years I am still “bike addicted” ;)!

Last weekend after almost 2 years of break I have appeared on the XCO race –... read more »
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Ride for fun :)
Obrazek On Sunday (06.05) I was participating in very nice event organized and supported by volunteer firemen from Ëbidos - I Maratona BTT “B.V.Ëbidos”.

This place is mostly know from its delicious licor Ginja drinked from the chocolate cups, but after that Sunday in “cyclist world” would be also remembered as... read more »
added: Dizzy, date: 09.05.2012, 09:05
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TOP 3 - Taša de Portugal XCM
It is still possible :) to get a podium!

Last weekend – 29.04 - I was taking part in Portuguese Marathon Cup (Taša de Portugal XCM Sport Zone). Second edition of this series was organized by BTT Alte and with over 2000 participants turned into big bicycle fest.

My idea of... read more »
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Time for some speed...
Obrazek After two long and hard marathons it was high time to “burn” the legs on more flat track. My choice went for
3 Open BTT Cartaxo marathon, which was organized by team of current national champion Ana Antunes.

Before the marathon I made a few specific trainings and the missing part... read more »
added: Dizzy, date: 26.04.2012, 14:22

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