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Ride for fun :)
Obrazek On Sunday (06.05) I was participating in very nice event organized and supported by volunteer firemen from Óbidos - I Maratona BTT “B.V.Óbidos”.

This place is mostly know from its delicious licor Ginja drinked from the chocolate cups, but after that Sunday in “cyclist world” would be also remembered as a really great spot to make mountain biking.

After week of bad weather weekend greeted us with a sun and higher temperatures. My idea of participating in that marathon was mainly to have a nice time and fun :)! Sometimes is good not to put any pressure for result, any goals and simply enjoy the ride. And it was my plan for this marathon.

To keep the training goals I have chosen longer distance of 80km, which at the end gave accumulation around 1600m. For interested I am attaching Garmin file to have a closer look for a track. For this ones that spotted the difference between total time and moving time :) well it is truth - I “waste” over 10min on feed zones and other stops ;) but like I mentioned – it was ride mainly for fun :)!

I have also a chance to try and ride with GoPro camera and found it really cool! Unfortunately my first records were not synchronized properly so the start time is not included, but stills some interested “shots” can be found in the movie (which shortly appears on my website…). I will try this season to use this “tool” more often and share some outputs with you.

On the track…

About marathon. I was really nice surprised with the preparation made by organization before the event. Paths were checked and cleaned, new quite demanding single tracks added – really good work done. Congratulations and continue to make more events :)! First part of the race was done quite slowly by me :)! Enjoying the sun I was making smoothly the first kilometres… till the time I found a friend after some unexpected crash and “bath” in puddle :]! Trying to fix his problem with handlebar I have got Rita coming… :) so I join “pink girl” in the ride for the next few time. Before the castle in Óbidos Vitor joined me and the rest part of the track we were following together. With the stable rhythm we have started to catch another riders and I found it quit funny that relaxed ride in the second part of the track was going so well. At that time I said to my companion – “let’s go Vitor and “play” some Pacman :D”!

And till the finish line it was looking like that …

PS. Dario – I am really sorry that again I passed you on the last part of the race :)

The result came also – I won general women classification and share the podium with Rita Esteves and Catarina Canha.


Thanks everyone for one more nice weekend.

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