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Maratona de Sintra
Obrazek It is nothing better like start the season from the hard marathon – after can be only easier ;)! On the 1st of April Sintra was guesting 1000 mountain bikers who decided to take part in the new event – Maratona de Sintra BTT.

Serra de Sintra is having one of the best MTB tracks in Portugal, great views and mysterious atmosphere inside Natural Park. This is putting this area excellent for riding.

It was also my choice for opening new season marathon.

The idea of participation was not purely competition but rather performing long and hard training. I choosed distance of 70km which I completed in 4h28min. During the marathon I was trying to maintain the certain level, notify as much weak/strong points and at same time enjoying the ride. At the last part of the race (after the last feed zone) my athlete’s blood took over the lead and “pushed” me to ride stronger. I crossed the finish line as the first women and 28th in general classification.

1. Magdalena Balana
2. Rita Esteves
3. Sheila Marques

Great event…
..and simply it is nice to be back again “on tracks”!


Promo video

Resume video
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