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We are already in 2012 and I have decided to re-launch my website – magdalenabalana.com goes ‘live’. New design, new expectations… Let’s see how it works and I hope that you will enjoy & follow the updates.

At the end of 2009 my racing attitude changed. After really good season spent in Poland and international races I needed to decide what’s next. Unfortunately mountain biking is not very profit sport and cannot gives long-term perspectives, so it was high time to enter on another “path”. I have started to work and cycling was turned over more for hobby which till now gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

During seasons 2010 and 2011 I was still present on some races: cross-country, marathons and road, but my training/racing schedule was very often “drafted” by work and projects I was participating in. Having some good results and some below expectation I was trying to be still part of the cycling stage.

Into 2012 I’ve entered with few new ideas and plans. I wish to continue getting as much happiness as possible from cycling. This year I decided not to be part of any specific team – I have joined “individual” group of the riders. On the races I will show up on my custom built Scott Spark 10 and again in PINK colors!

See you soon!

added: Dizzy, date: 12.04.2012, 11:07
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